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A 100 000 members for informative, agri-Facebook group

The Facebook group, Small Scale Farmers (Farming as a business), reached a milestone yesterday, with the addition of its 100 000th member.
This group was founded on 29 May, 2013 by Mr Kingsley Kachenjela, to, “bring together people interested in farming”.

“I personally feel humbled to have pioneered the online registration and formation of Small Scale Farmers,”said Kachenjela.

He described the platform as a place where small-scale, emerging and commercial farmers could interact in a progressive way.

The group that started only three years ago had grown rapidly in the past few months, showing a general uptick in enthusiasm for agriculture, and a specific hunger for knowledge about various farming activities, generated by small-scale farmers.

Group member, Mr Michris van Rensburg noted that when he joined a year ago, membership was at about 16 000. The current number of members at 100 000 shows a dramatic surge in interest in the sector in the last 12 months.

“The group was formed purely to facilitate linkages between small-scale farmers and to enhance market access for agricultural products,” Kachenjela said.

Although the group was started in Zambia, for local farmers, it had branched out and gained members from across Africa and beyond. The interaction between members created a virtual farmer discussion group, in which farmers are free to ask and answer questions and bounce ideas off other farmers. would like to congratulate the Small Scale Farmers (Farming as a business) group on its success.

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