About us

Africanfarming.com is an online community for farmers from Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The Africanfarming platform gives farmers daily agricultural news and a weather report; articles and videos on extraordinary farmers and their operations, and articles and videos on farmer-designed equipment, implements and gadgets. A panel of experts in diverse agricultural fields will answer your farming questions, and an agricultural commodity window in which to display market prices is in the development phase.

The Africanfarming team works to help farmers by giving them access to a knowledge-based resource, that will empower them as they emerge from a subsistence base to a profit-driven, commercial operation in the tough, competitive environment of the 21st Century.

Africanfarming.com hosts a Facebook page and twitter community, and a WhatsApp group is in the pipeline.
Africanfarming.com is a product of Media24, a Naspers company.