AfriScout app helps African pastoralists find water and pasture

Project Concern International (PCI) has launched a mobile phone application to help African pastoralists in arid areas find pasture and water resources for their cattle.

The AfriScout app was launched on 1 February in Kenya. Successful tests have also been concluded in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

The application uses satellite maps that show the density of vegetation and available water resources in grazing areas. The satellite data is continuously updated and can be accessed via simple mobile phones.

Click here to download the app from Google Play.

AfriScout National Programme Manager for Kenya Brenda Wandera told local media that over 1 600 Kenyan pastoralist farmers are now using the app, with 100 new users being registered weekly since the end of the pilot phase in October 2017.

“The AfriScout mobile application was piloted in 3 countries namely Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania. The maps have proven to be very useful for pastoralists by saving time they spent in search of pasture, as well as improving collective pasture management,” Wandera said.

Pastoralist households will be allowed to access the service at no cost for a 6-month trial period, after which they will be required to pay annual subscription fees to stay online.

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