Agriserve Agro signs mechanisation deal with Czech Republic

The Zambian livestock business Agriserve Agro will now also provide mechanisation services to farmers, thanks to a deal signed with the Czech Republic during the recent Agritech Expo.

According to Renier van Vuuren, managing director of Agriserve Agro, his company and several Czech machinery manufacturers sealed a deal for the distribution of several mechanical options to Zambian farmers. These include Zetor Tractors, Farmet Agricultural Machinery, Rozmital hay making equipment, ZDT Trailers and Pl Fertiliser Applicators and Planters.

“For Agriserve Agro, these companies are attractive to deal with, since their products are of the highest quality, attractive in pricing and have a proven track record in countries with similar conditions to Zambia,” Van Vuuren said.

Several Czech delegates, including the Minister of Agriculture, Marian Jurečka and Ambassador to Zambia Radek Rubeš attended the recent expo.

“Mutual business between the two countries offers a lot of opportunities for the future and I believe at least some of them shall become reality,’ said Jurečka.

Van Vuuren said farmers will have the added benefit of after sales and customer service.

“We have invested in a strong after sales service team lead by our technical director, Willem van Zyl, and a qualified technical team from the Czech Republic to support our clients,” he said.

The technical team from the Czech Republic will be appointed by Agriserve Agro for the next two years to train their Zambian counterparts.
As part of the deal, the ZETOR tractors were handed over during the Expo. Zambians can choose between the tractors which range from 75 to 150 horsepower (55,93 to 111,855 kilowatt).

“The strategy of the company is to become established in Zambia and gradually strengthen the position of the ZETOR brand. We believe Zambia will become the key market for ZETOR tractor exports and our products will help develop farming in this territory,” said Margaréte Vighová, corporate communications director of Zetor Tractors.

The company is also developing a Czech Centre of Excellence in Kasisi, Lusaka, where demonstrations and training will be offered to farmers.

One of the Zetor tractors available to Zambian farmers, displayed during the Agritech Expo.

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