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Alleged conmen targeting maize farmers nabbed with K100 000 in fake notes

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has arrested four men found in possession of K100 000 in counterfeit notes. They used it to buy maize from unsuspecting farmers in Zambia’s Central Province.

Before their arrest, the four bought K14 500 worth of maize from two unsuspecting farmers using the counterfeit notes.

DEC Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo said the group was charged with possession of counterfeit notes and will appear in court soon.

“Farmers must be wary of grain buyers offering spot cash and must ensure that the notes tendered are legal,” Katongo said.

Some weeks back, DEC arrested a 37-year old Zambian man for being in possession of K119 214 in counterfeit notes in K100, K50 AND K5 bills. DEC also seized a printer used for printing the counterfeit notes.

The Zambia National Farmer’s Union (ZNFU) reiterated its warning to farmers about selling their crop to private grain buyers.

“Farmers in rural areas are easy targets for these unscrupulous buyers, as they are desperate for cash,” ZNFU said in a statement.

According to ZNFU, the arrest of the alleged conmen highlighted the huge challenges of this year’s marketing season which opened on June 1, 2017. There was no communication from government on the floor price for maize yet. Government has also not yet indicated if farmers are free to pursue liberal pricing.

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