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Poultry production: Clarifying FCR and PIF

Question: What do FCR and PIF mean in poultry production?

  • FCR stands for Feed Conversion Ratio.
  • It is the quantity of feed the broiler consumes to gain body weight.
  • As feed is the most expensive part of broiler production, the lower the FCR the more efficient the growth rate and management.
  • On efficient commercial farms a FCR of 1.6 is readily achieved.
  • On smaller farms, especially where feed is distributed by hand and the houses are not well-ventilated, the FCR could be 2.2.

The FCR is calculated as follows:
Feed consumed
———————– = FCR
Body mass gained

  • PIF stands for Performance Index Factor and indicates the efficiency of broiler growth and management.
  • A PIF of 300 can be attained on efficient modern farms.
  • On smaller farms the farmer should strive for a PIF of 250.

The PIF is calculated as follows:
Body Mass X % broilers alive (livability) X 100
———————————————————— = PIF
FCR X Age in days at slaughter

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  • This article was written by Dr. Mick Versfeld and first appeared in Farming SA

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