Aquaculture workshop for Cameroon

By Liezl Vercueil | 14 November 2017
aquaculture; fish
Photo: Johan van der Merwe

AquaBioTech Group’s Aquaculture Opportunities workshop in Cameroon will take place on 22 November in Douala, parallel to the Cameroon International SME Trade Fair (PMEXCHANGE).

The three-hour workshop – Aquaculture Opportunities in Cameroon – has attracted local stakeholders’ attention and is fully booked. It aims to be short and concise, and will cover various topics spanning production and operational issues, as well as profitability, opportunities, sharing good practices and the success factors for the aquaculture business.

“We are very satisfied with the feedback we have received on our decision to host the workshop in Cameroon. It is our intention to share our knowledge with local stakeholders and try to improve things within the country’s aquaculture development. The country needs to build its aquaculture industry with strong foundations, and know-how is one of them” said George D. Mantas, Business Development Director of the AquaBioTech Group.

This year, the successful World Aquaculture 2017 event, which was held in Cape Town and was organised by the World Aquaculture Society, set the tone for the coming developments on African aquaculture. A number of leading fish feed companies have recently launched new projects in countries that were out of their radar a few years ago.

“The experience we have from our work in Africa is valuable and worth sharing. We need to be responsible and look at long term sustainability and profitability in aquaculture, and ensure that our partners understand that well. We are in Cameroon for business, but we want to make sure that we will come back many times because business here is growing,” said Nicolas J. De Wilde, Principal Consultant of the AquaBioTech Group.

The AquaBioTech Group is currently involved in a number of projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, including the Technical Assistance for the Support to Promoting the Commercial Aquaculture Project in Uganda (a project financed by EuropeAid) and the VicinAqua project which supports aquaculture developments in Lake Victoria, in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


PMEXCHANGE is one of the first international forums dedicated to SMEs in Cameroon and is organised by ECAM (Enterprises of Cameroon) every 2 years. The trade fair attracts more than 150 exhibitors and brings together SMEs and multinational companies, as well as thousands of visitors from across Cameroon.