Smart Solutions for Diversification

Palesa Moahloli, a beef and pork farmer near Boshof in the Free State, is a true inspiration to woman who wants to farm. Jean Elloh, John Deere’s sales manager: Western Africa, shared some valuable advice on how she can further diversify and grow her business.

Moahloli has been farming for 12 years during which time she had won numerous awards. A wife and a mother, she farms alongside her husband and son in one of the driest parts of South Africa. CH Meat Farm is an established and successful farming enterprise, yet there is potential to still expand her business.

Elloh talked about this during a studio interview in the second episode of African Farming. Angie Khumalo, the show’s host, had some questions for Elloh. She wanted to know if Moahloli would benefit from buying a tractor.

“We definitely have some interesting solutions for someone wanting to buy an entry-level tractor. Moahloli should take a look at John Deere’s 5E Tractor Series. These utility tractors are available in 55hp(41kW) to 75hp(56kW) ratings and cater to farmers that require a tractor for general purpose applications. They are especially designed for this and can handle small and medium implements. The 5E tractors are versatile machines and proven in the African markets.”

The 5075E tractor for instance, is equipped with various comfort and convenience features to keep Moahloli smiling, even during those long working days. It has enough engine power and hydraulic capacity to take on demanding chores, and the quality of engineering, assembly and components one has come to expect from John Deere.

Elloh believes Moahloli should diversify.

“She has 1 300 hectares of land and although it is dry, there is a lot she can do. For example, she can make provision for dry seasons by establishing a food reserve. She might even produce enough feed to supply and sell to her neighbours.”

He says a 5E tractor could help her to effectively mechanise. With it she can prepare fields, as well as produce cash crops and feed for livestock. She will even be able to transport feed to her animals and use it for various other applications on the farm.

“Such a tractor, equipped with mechanical front-wheel drive, will definitely come in handy in wet conditions as these machines move more efficiently on wet terrain than a truck.”

Elloh says that if she does decide to diversify by planting crops, John Deere also has a range of state-of-the-art equipment like a baler to add to the tractor, thereby making her job of feeding her livestock a lot easier.

For information: John Deere, 011 437 2600.


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