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Keep small livestock safe during severe cold

Winter is shearing season for small livestock farmers who want to prevent weak spots in wool or mohair fibre in the summer. Farmers are advised to ensure their animals are adequately sheltered from the cold, wind and rain predicted for parts of South Africa in the next few days.

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RPO provides advice on foot-and-mouth disease

The Eastern Cape Red Meat Producers Organisation (RPO) has held several meetings with stakeholders about the status of the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak, while industry expert Dr Shaun Morris has also been consulted for practical advice on limiting the spread of the disease.

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Ask the experts: Goats have hard swelling under jaw

Question: I have Boer goats and they are developing a hard swelling under the jaw. It looks like bottle jaw, but it is not internal parasites. Two ewes have died. Antibiotics do not help with the swelling. This is the first time I have encountered this and I have been farming with Boer goats for more than 10 years. Do you know what it could be and what might prevent more deaths?

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Applying veld management techniques to survive seasonal dry spells

During a farmers’ event hosted by Duncan Serapelwane, Riaan Dames, a seasoned pasture specialist with more than three decades of experience in veld management, imparted valuable grazing management advice. The event took place at farm Taylor Span, just outside Heuningvlei village near the Botswana border in North West.

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Managing bulls for long-term profitability

Bulls are an essential investment for livestock farmers, but they can also be a costly one. During a Kgalagadi farmers’ day organised by his brother, Duncan Serapelwane, at Taylor Span farm in Heuningvlei, Tebogo Serapelwane, the chief research technician at Vryburg bull testing station, spoke to farmers about the critical role of managing their investments for long-term profitability.

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