Ask the vet: Tick-borne diseases of livestock (Part 1)

It is estimated that around 20% of losses in livestock production worldwide can be attributed to animal diseases. In Southern Africa, tick-borne diseases remain some of the key illnesses responsible for preventable economic losses in livestock production. Global warming is also inevitably making it possible for implicated vectors to survive in geographies where they did not traditionally occur before, or at least not in numbers high enough to create a disease concern.

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Ask the vet: Zoonotic diseases

World Zoonoses Day on 6 July raises awareness of zoonotic diseases. The date is linked to a scientific breakthrough when French biologist Louis Pasteur successfully invented and administered the first vaccination against a zoonotic disease in 1885. The disease was rabies.

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Ticks migrate from tall grass onto the animals to complete their life cycles. Youngsters safely have about 6 months of immunity to tick-borne diseases.

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