Saving water: Flood irrigation explained

Flood irrigation is one of the oldest and most-used methods to irrigate crops. Flood irrigation is a way of controlling, distributing and delivering water by means of gravity. It’s suitable for use on any crop. The irrigation cycle for flood irrigation is usually longer than for other systems because it…

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Horticulture: Your action plan when planting vegetables

Fresh vegetables are essential for good health and there will always be a market for them. Follow this planting plan and produce vigorous veggies. The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) recommends an intake of 400 g of fruit and vegetables per person, per day, or 146 kg per…

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Watering the veggie field or patch

Vegetables need regular watering from planting until harvest. The practice of water conservation is useful especially if there is a dry spell after sowing, emergence and transplanting. The secret of using water wisely is to water slowly, deeply, and less often to avoid water loss through drainage and evaporation. Slow,…

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