How to get record yields

Want to shoot out the lights with your maize, sunflower or soya crop? African Farming spoke to Johan Meyer from Hartbeesfontein in North West, the winner of the Grow for Gold competition, to hear how this maize and sunflower farmer managed to achieve a record sunflower yield of 4.4t/ha.

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Farming Cheats: Learning about natural systems

While many farmers read articles and books about the problems they face, there are few resources where farmers can get an idea of the basic natural systems that will allow them to farm more cheaply by farming with nature rather than against it. These practices allow farmers to use less expensive inputs like chemicals and fertilisers. Here’s some advice:

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Farming Cheats: Learning about natural systems
Not only is the Malans’ hydroponic farm exceedingly neat and on point, but their open-field lettuce farm is also carefully managed. Charl recently acquired a weed rotovator which helps him to eradicate the weeds between the rows of lettuce. “All our implements have fertilizer bins to reduce the tractor traffic in the fields. We also only plant two lettuce harvests on each field per year. Afterwards, we sow any type of grain that is worked in as green manure after three months,” says Charl.

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