Poultry production: Considering free-range chickens

Question: We need to improve our cash flow. We want to establish pastures around our house for rearing free-range chickens. The pastures should have the right protein and dietary content so the chickens will grow correctly. Which breed of chicken should we choose? I thought it would be best to…

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Cattle production: Your calves and parasites

Question: The rainfall was exceptionally high in my area during late summer and autumn. The grazing looks good, and the cows are in a good condition, but my calves are not growing too well. What could the problem be? Most parasites flourish under wet and warm conditions. Roundworms and tapeworms,…

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Livestock production: Sick animals and fever

Question: How important is it to determine the temperature of a sick animal? When infectious organisms such as bacteria or viruses invade an animal, the immune system tries to destroy them. As part of this reaction the animal’s temperature rises causing what we know as fever. Fever is the first…

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