Axl makes technology available to any farmer

During the first episode of African Farming, the new agricultural television show on Mzansi Wethu (channel 163), Mr Mario Botha, Axl’s customer innovation lead, explained to the show’s host, Angie Khumalo, how this new platform can assist farmers such as Clifford Mthimkulu to make use of newer technology which will allow him to expand and grow his business.

Axl is making waves in the market and is opening doors to a new way of doing business for farmers and equipment owners. This online platform is designed to enable the convenient rental of farm equipment, facilitating the transaction between the renter and the owner in a few simple steps, all without them having to set a foot outside their own doors. Axl was launched in May 2020, has well over 750 users and has managed over R1,3 million worth of transactions for customers.

“Axl gives renters and owners of machinery, the opportunity to rent equipment or to rent out their own. This can work very well for a farmer like Clifford who already owns a harvester. If he can get his harvester onto the Axl platform, farmers in his nearby area can rent it from him. This means that those farmers can benefit from the technology now available to them. It will also provide an extra income for Clifford who will then be able to save quicker towards his goal of upgrading his equipment,” said Botha.
When Axl was first launched, the market responded well to it. This allowed Axl to focus on scale, supply and ensuring excellent customer service.

The Axl-team’s aim is to line up availability of equipment on the platform with seasonal demand. So, when it is planting season, they will turn their attention to getting planters, tillers, tractors, etc. onto Axl. And when it’s time to harvest, they will focus on getting the required equipment, such as Clifford’s harvester, onto the platform.

One of their goals is to introduce specialised agricultural equipment to the platform, such as fruit and cotton pickers, as well as some yellow machinery, but only to the extent that farmers use construction equipment to run their farming operations.

Axl’s objective is to not only have tractors and harvesters available, but to try and offer as many solutions as possible to farmers for their equipment – whether they are renters or owners.

“Axl is a platform that was built on a business model that will allow a small or medium scale farmer, or even a new commercial farmer, to take their farming business to the next level,” said Botha.

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