Choose the right equipment at the right time

After losing his yield this winter, Eric Mauwane, owner of Oneo Farms, had to dig deep to find the courage to continue farming. When Lindiwe Sithole, host of African Farming Season 2, visits him near Tarlton, she finds a vegetable farmer ready to rebuild his business.

When you are faced with a crisis, having the right equipment makes it a lot easier to prepare the soil and start planting again. The correct selection of equipment is essential in maintaining and increasing productivity on a farm. With technology being the main driver of innovation, there are many great mechanisation options to choose from. 

“If Eric wants to get back on his feet, having the right equipment will help him to make up for his losses,” Sithole says. Picking the best machinery offers multiple benefits and will allow him to curb operational expenses, work more efficiently and ultimately generate more profit with less effort. 

According to Lerato Mashiloane, Warehouse Operations Manager at John Deere, farming equipment should be selected carefully so that it is compatible with all the needs of the farmer. “Eric should invest the right equipment. That way it will not slow him down during production, land preparation and harvesting. 

She suggests that Mauwane take stock of what he has to work with. “I am sure his needs have changed over time, and he would benefit from revising his mechanisation plan.” Mashiloane says farmers like him may not have enough capital to upgrade, but John Deere is not only interested in making the next sale. “We are invested in our clients’ needs and we want to build a long-lasting relationship with them. Therefore we will try to assist him in the interim and offer various options to better his situation.”

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