Dairy Group empowers the industry and farmers

Dairy Group is the largest buyer of raw milk in South Africa. 

The company is farmer-owned and focuses on nurturing the capabilities of farmers and their produce. With over 120 farmers dedicated to bringing dairy products to consumers, milk has never been more exciting. With a variety of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk, skimmed milk, sterilised milk, powdered milk, butter, and other dairy products, consumers can choose from the highest quality dairy products.

Dairy Group was established as a result of Dairy Farmers of South Africa (DFSA) and Coega Dairy coming together to form a powerhouse dairy business. The company is on track to becoming the largest dairy supplier in South Africa with the intention to expand its footprint to the rest of the African continent. 

Milk’s considerable health benefits

By working alongside Milk SA’s Consumer Education Project, an independent, non-profit organisation that is geared towards educating consumers on the considerable health benefits of dairy, Dairy Group is committed to change the way people view and consume dairy.

Milk isn’t just a good source of calcium that keeps bones and teeth strong; it is so much more than that. As a passionate company, it is Dairy Group’s collective aim to change the narrative surrounding dairy and empower consumers to make informed and healthy nutritional decisions.

No cow unmilked

Dairy Group cultivates a culture that inspires and motivates farmers and consumers alike. By transforming the way the dairy industry does business, the business gives agency to farmers and their craft.

These are the Homegrown Heroes that have dedicated their lives to dairy to bring consumers the products they know and love today. It’s not just milk – it is years of hard work and dedication, early mornings, and late nights, long journeys, and trying times. 

New website

Dairy Group’s new website launches in mid-August. Follow their pages for the latest news as they bring you new products and captivating stories – all at the heart of dairy. 

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