Do it yourself: Mixing cement

Question: I want to build my own house using locally available stone instead of bricks, but I am not sure how to mix the cement. Can you help, please?

Yours is a good idea. The mixture that you need for building purposes consists of 4 parts of building sand to 1 part cement.

People normally use a wheelbarrow to measure the different parts when building. Usually, 2 bags of cement will fill a wheelbarrow.

So, if you use a wheelbarrow to measure your mix, you will need 4 wheelbarrowsful of well-sifted sand and 2 bags of cement in your mixture.

When you mix concrete for the floor, you will use 3 parts of stone (15 mm to 20 mm), 2 parts of river sand and 1 part of cement.

  • This article was written by Cois Harman and first appeared in Farming SA.

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