Farmer cheats: Keeping you cattle feed dry!

To have expensive cattle lick get wet due to rain can be very expensive. It’s a lot cheaper to just build your own waterproof feeding trough.

One of the ideas farmers have come up with over the years, is to connect two big tyres together. The bottom tyre is then covered with a piece of heavy rubber to keep the lick off the ground.

The upper tyre is in turn also covered with a piece of rubber, but slight bigger than the opening of the tyre to which it is connected, and attached in the middle by a pin (see picture), which in turn is attached to the bottom piece of rubber serving as the floor.

The cattle therefore can’t throw it off. Cattle quickly learn to open the lid with their snouts and heads to get to the lick. This way the lick stays clean and dry and protected from birds. On the photo, the cheaper tyres have been replaced with a metal drum.

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