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Finished with late blight

There’s good news for potato farmers struggling with late blight. Corteva Agriscience has just introduced a new fungicide, ZorvecTM Encantia ® (Reg. no. L11227, Act 36 of 1947), to specifically combat late blight, a bacterium that causes damage to potatoes.

Based on ZorvecTM Active, this product is the first in a new class of fungicides and has a unique biochemical action that has no cross-resistance with existing fungicides.

“After more than a decade of research, we have developed a new product with an unrivalled level of consistency and control, especially when it comes to combating water fungi (oomycetes). This lowers operational costs and improves overall efficiency,” says Stephan Marais, Product Manager at Corteva Agriscience.

The product has a favourable environmental profile, is effective at very low use rates and has no harmful effects on beneficial species. It will be available locally from distributors of Corteva products later this year.

PRICE: On request.


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