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Around the world, photovoltaic systems have proven to be sustainable investments with excellent returns on investment when properly designed, installed and maintained.

The energy and power deficit at national level is a stumbling block for many farms and businesses, while the rising cost of electricity exacerbates an already difficult environment. Photovoltaic systems can alleviate both problems with energy prices that are competitive and stable in the long-term.

Choosing the right partner to walk this path with is extremely important if you want to get the best service, quality infrastructure and return on your investment.

Tagex Energy is a South African solar power, storage and energy company who engineer, procure and construct solutions for solar power systems with or without storage for a variety of markets ranging from agriculture to commercial and large industries.

This company believes that the future of the power supply industry is a streamlined, integrated approach. This includes the acquisition of Tier 1 panels, as rated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and imports directly from the manufacturing source to our warehouse infrastructure. To complete the integrated approach, long-term financial modelling, system design and construction, maintenance and management of the solar asset are all done in-house.

The sums must add up

One area that is given a lot of consideration as part of Tagex Energy’s design philosophy is to ensure that the client does not over-capitalize on their investment. Tagex Energy takes several factors into account, such as local municipal regulations as well as each client’s individual requirements.

A lot of emphasis and time is spent on getting the correct balance between capital cost and savings to achieve positive cash flow as early as possible (in most cases starting in year 1). In cases where feedback is allowed and credited, the models become more favourable.

Financial institutions play a significant role in helping residential and commercial clients to achieve their embedded generation goals with system efficiency and warranty playing critical roles in a banks willingness to finance these solutions. Here, too, Tagex Energy is leading the way by being listed as a priority partner at most of the leading commercial banks in South Africa.

Important factors considered by banks when financing photovoltaic systems are manufacturer warranties (including installation practices that do not void warranties), component life expectancy and nett cash flow of the consumer after installation. A positive score in all three categories results in a significant short and long-term benefit to the client. With a 25-year performance guarantee on the panels and a 10-year guarantee on inverter and battery systems, Tagex Energy ticks all of the boxes both during and after the expected finance term from the bank.

Best solutions

Tagex Energy offers various power generation and storage solutions ensuring best practice and suitability for each client’s requirements while striving for maximum financial benefit to the client. The company’s solutions are:

COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL GRID-CONNECTED SOLAR SYSTEMS. These systems synchronize and operate parallel to the utility grid to reduce the quantity of energy purchased from the grid.

COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL HYBRID ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS. With these systems, solar, battery and grid energy sources are combined to provide power to the customer in the most cost-effective way. Determining factors are the customer’s needs and available resources.

RESIDENTIAL HYBRID ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS. With an integrated system that includes inverters, solar panels and batteries, homeowners can reduce disruptions from load-shedding, insulate themselves against future electricity tariff increases and reduce their overall dependence on the local grid.

One point of contact

With the company’s wide range of services and system configurations, consumers get a single point of contact for all their solar energy needs. The solutions provided by Tagex Energy are of the highest international standards.

The company’s knowledgeable technicians have been hand-picked for their exceptional attention to detail and skill. Tagex Energy’s extensive platforms and approach to projects, construction and product and project development ensure the perfect solutions for agricultural, commercial, domestic and industrial applications.

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