How livestock auctions open doors

Not even several instances of livestock theft over the years could dampen Abel Naphtaly’s enthusiasm for farming. Although it was hard, he persevered. Lindiwe Sithole, host of African Farming Season 2, talked to him about the successes and failures that made him the farmer he is today.

Naphtaly knows how to spot a good bull. “This is a skill that can comes in handy when visiting auctions,” says Geo Cronje of Vleissentraal. He says Naphtaly sets a great example for emerging farmers. “Abel knows farming is a business where every cent counts and the quality of your cattle determines your success.” 

This is why attending a livestock auction is vital to understanding the farming industry and a good place to learn more about agriculture. Auctions are a part and parcel of the South African livestock industry. These platforms help farmers to buy and sell animals and to network with others in the industry. 

Visiting an auction to compare your animals to those of other farmers is always a good idea. “There you can learn more about the various kinds of animals, the market-related prices they are selling for, and what the market wants and expects of you as a breeder,” Cronje says. 

He urges farmers to choose a good representative to act in their interest at an auction. “Come see first-hand what we can do for you, and partner with us for the next auction.” 

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