Crop production: How to use kraal manure as fertiliser for your crops

Plants, just like animals,  need food to grow, and they obtain this food or nutrients from the soil.

As a farmer, you should continuously feed the soil to keep your plants healthy, to help them to fight pests and disease and to ensure good yields. Most farmers provide their “plant food” through fertilisers.

However, chemical, store-bought fertilisers can be quite expensive, especially for a small-scale producer. If you have livestock on the farm, you have a free source of fertiliser in the form of kraal manure (animal dung) that can bring down your fertilising costs.

Click on the link below to learn how to use kraal manure as fertiliser for your crops:

Using kraal manure as a fertiliser

Department of Agriculture and the Agricultural and Rural Development Research Institute, Fort Hare, South Africa.

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