Sell directly to your consumers

Thinking of selling your products online but unsure of how to go about it? Here is a solution.

Farm Direct is a new, innovated website that offers farmers the opportunity to sell their products directly to consumers. The importance of online shopping was highlighted in 2020, and it’s predicted that the ecommerce sector will continue to grow as both producers and consumers look for ways sell and buy online. But most farmers don’t have the time to build and maintain a website, never mind market it, and consumers don’t want to visit different websites to find products, preferring a one-stop shop.

Farm Direct offers a solution to both farmers and consumers. Farmers can focus on running productive, effective farms, while consumers only have to visit one website to buy a variety of farm fresh products. Selling directly to the consumer also means that farmers earn higher returns even though the prices on goods are lower than at chain stores.

Albert Swart from Kareepoort Lamb in Aberdeen chose this route and registered his farm on Farm Direct. Founded in 1997 by the Swart Family, the farm specialises in free-range Karoo lamb.

“It just makes sense for someone like me, who has a high-quality product, to sell directly to the consumer. After working year-round to care for and keep alive my lambs, I can ask a premium price, but it’s still lower that what the consumer would pay in a store for a similar product with an unknown origin,” says Albert.

“The first time I heard of Farm Direct, I knew it’s something we need. Online marketing is where the industry is headed, but most farmers don’t have any experience selling online.

“It’s still early days, and there have been some teething problems, specifically with perishable products, but I back the Farm Direct team 100%. I’ve already been able to get my products directly to the consumer more efficiently.”

The saying goes “who doesn’t dare, doesn’t win”, but with Farm Direct you don’t have to risk too much to make the shift online. Register your farm and products today and take the leap. It’s easy! Go to

From farm to table – the right way in Africa.

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