The wisdom of a legend

Lindiwe Sithole, host of African Farming Season 2, is excited to meet Solomon Masango, a true legend in the agricultural industry. Masango dedicates a lot of his time to mentor other famers. “Over the years I learned that money is not everything,” he says. “Yes, I want to be profitable, but above all my dream is to mentor others to become successful too. This is the lasting legacy I want to leave behind.”

“Solomon was born and raised on a farm; agriculture is in his blood,” Sithole says. “He farms with maize, cattle and soya in the Carolina district. Well known in his community, he was named the Gain SA/ABSA/John Deere Financial New Era Commercial Farmer of the Year in 2015,” she adds. “After years of hard work and dedication, he became the successful farmer he dreamed of being, and gained recognition from the agricultural industry for his work.” 

It is not only his success as a farmer that makes him a remarkable man, Sithole explains, but also his readiness to share his knowledge. “Farmers from far and wide seek him out to learn from him.” Masango hosts farmer days and loves to mentor other farmers. “I want them to have an opportunity to learn from my mistakes,” he says. “Other farmers face the same challenges as I do; luckily I can help with the challenges I’ve overcome over the years.” 

Praveen Dwarika, managing director at Lemang Agricultural Services, says Masango’s passion and dedication set him apart. “Solomon has been with Lemang for a long time. He is a living legend in our books.” Masango has been in partnership with the company since the start of his farming journey. “We tip our hat to him for his deep-seated passion for agriculture, having given up various career opportunities to follow his dream.” 

Dwarika says over the years Lemang Agricultural Services guided Masango on his journey, setting him up with various specialists, like an agronomist and an agriculturalist. “His desire to learn and be involved in the process is admirable – he loves getting his hands dirty. That is the type of farmer we wanted Solomon to be.” 

Dwarika says it gives the company great pleasure to see Masango give back to the community. “We are particularly proud of that and respect him tremendously for it.” 

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