Tomato production: How to plant, harvest and care for tomatoes

Are you interested in producing tomatoes? Here’s some useful information from experts and farmers.

Tomato: The versatile and vulnerable crop
Due to its susceptibility to pests and diseases, the tomato is considered to be a tricky crop and growers have to stay on their toes to keep their lands disease free and their plants healthy. Here’s some advice.

A short guide to when to harvest tomatoes
When is the correct time to harvest tomatoes? Experts explain.

Know your enemy – Tuta absoluta
The tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta, feeds voraciously on tomato plants and is a serious threat to production and profit. Here’s advice on how to deal with this pest.

Preserving tomatoes – drying for profit
Drying your tomatoes allows you to store them for up to a year. It is a clever way to add value to your harvest at a relatively low cost.

Preserving for later – pungent tomato paste and puree
These recipes are a great way to preserve tomatoes which are a bit overripe. It will allow you to add a spicy tomato flavour to stews and other recipes calling for tomato flavour.

Storing for later – preserving tomatoes
Preserving tomatoes provides a way to add value to your product and enables you to provide a product to the market outside of harvesting season.

Tomatoes: How investment and corporate skills saved a farm
He stopped to admire a field of healthy looking tomatoes. And that gave Jones Shimbela the idea to grow it himself.

A love for farming drives tomato success
Quality is king, says tomato farmer, Mr. Jimmy Manjanja, of JM Farming Enterprize in Mwembeshi, west of Lusaka.

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