Your library for horses

Here’s a collection of our articles on horses and horse care.

How to buy a horse
There is more to buying a horse than simply picking out the one that appeals to you.

How to feed your horse
Correct nutrition is the foundation of a happy, healthy horse that performs to the best of his ability.

Being on top of a horse emergency
Having an action plan for emergencies helps to avoid blind panic.

Treating tendon injuries in horses
Tendon injuries are a serious condition in athletic horses.

Beware of thumps in horses
Unseasonably hot weather can mean a greater number of thumps cases in endurance horses.

Dealing with worms in your horses
Worms can cause extensive damage, without you even realising your horse is infected with these parasites.

What you should know about colic in horses
Colic refers to pain in the abdomen, usually caused by digestive tract problems.

What is strangles in your horses and how to treat it?
Sometimes horses become depressed and feverish. They develop swollen glands around the head that start oozing yellow liquid. This condition is called strangles.

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