Capitalise on opportunies in Angolan market, ZDA urges Zambian agro producers

Angola has a vast market for Zambian agricultural products, said the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA).

Angola’s potential for agro imports is the result of a 27 year-long civil war that crippled its agricultural production. Livestock was killed and irrigation systems are in disrepair. Before the civil war, the country was the world’s fourth largest coffee producer, a top exporter of sisal, sugarcane, banana and cotton and was self-sufficient in food crops.

“There is a good potential for export to Angola of maize, value-added maize products, seed for various crops, stockfeed, poultry and meat feed,” said ZDA in a statement released in Lusaka.

With a population of 25.8 million people, Angola is an attractive export market for agricultural products. Current agriculture exports are concentrated in the consumer-oriented products category that includes maize products, live poultry, legumes and cereal. The country currently imports more than half of its food.

But Zambia’s exports to the resource-rich nation have declined from a high of US$24.7 million in 2012, to a mere US$8 million.

“For local agro producers, this is a chance to widen opportunities for their markets. Just in the Moxico Province, adjacent to Zambia’s North Western Province, there is a dire need for maize and maize products,” ZDA said.

ZDA also urged government to develop and complete transport corridor projects to enhance access between the countries.

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