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Farm management: Learn more about planning and money matters

Running your farm successfully relies on sound planning and financial management. Here’s some useful information on the topic from some of our experts.

Readers ask about farm plans
The farm plan is usually drawn up by the farmer, with the help of his consultant or mentor, when he, or she, is about to start farming a new farm, or when there is a need to rehabilitate, upgrade and improve the existing farm.

Take a breath and draw up a business plan
The bottom line is that farming is about doing business, and if you are going to farm you must get to grips with the business part of your operation. If you really don’t want to engage with the finances, farm for someone else.

Farm management: Manage your bookkeeping
Stay on track with your daily, weekly and monthly financial record-keeping. A farmer must keep up in all the aspects of his operation and good administration is probably a lot easier than you think it is.

Farm management: Learn how to do proper record keeping on your farm
No management without measurement is a well-known saying among farmers. After all, how can a farmer know where he can improve, where he is losing money, or making money, without the right information at his fingertips?

Farm management needs good record keeping (part 2)
We look at the importance of keeping records as part of farm management, no matter how small or large your farming business may be.

Farm management: Managing your cash flow
Small businesses often fail because their managers don’t understand or manage the finances properly. The foundation of your farming business is financial management and cash flow is an important part of this.

Save money as part of your management plan
Saving is an essential financial discipline for all of us, perhaps a little more so, for farmers who want to be successful.

Strategy – key to reaching your goals
As farmer you should have a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

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