Drilling holes for poles made easier

Drilling holes for the planting of poles (in this case for a vineyard) is much easier with a drill designed by mr. Rean de Waal.

“I used a second-hand three point drill and calculated the correct motor ratios with hydraulics specialists.
The drill needs to work separately from the cylinders that move the machine up and down in order to keep optimum pressure on the drill.”

Every hectare for my vineyard needs about 2 777 holes. All of the work can now be done by 3 tractor drivers. The drill sits on the side of the tractor, just in front of the back wheel and can move in and out to make it easier for the driver. The holes are 400 mm wide and 700 mm deep. Each worker now does the equivalent of about 40 people’s work.

Cost: About ZK 20 000

This home built drill enabled Rean de Waal to do 90 peoples’ work with only one worker.

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