Farmers to benefit from Zambeef project

Zambeef, Leloisa Veterinary Services, Afrivet and non-profit organisation Musika have launched a new livestock improvement project.

Ruben Banda, Musika Managing Director, said the partnership with Leloisa Veterinary Services and Afrivet will unlock the potential of the livestock sector in the northern provinces and improve productivity levels of smallholder livestock farmers.

“This intervention will equip farmers with technical knowledge and training on management practices to help them make the most of their livestock businesses,” said Banda.

The initiative will also educate farmers on good animal husbandry practices, herd health and breeding techniques through extension services, thus enabling them to better manage their resources and maximise returns.

Kedrick Sikombe, Mbala District Commissioner, noted the importance of private sector investment in developing key sectors of the economy. He highlighted the increasing need for combined efforts if investment is to yield positive results, especially in rural areas.

Banda said Musika intends to create a mutually beneficial relationship between farmers and private agribusiness partners.

“The intervention will bring veterinary products and services to farmers and enhance knowledge transfer and product information that is necessary to improve levels of productivity and income for many households.”

“Musika will support further investments around nutrition such as feed lotting to further strengthen the smallholder-based supply chain. Support can also be given towards interventions that focus more on small livestock production, including goats and village chickens that provide an avenue for more women to participate and benefit from this value chain.”

Farmers can use Zambeef’s countrywide value adding facilities and distribution network to tap into markets that were previously inaccessible to them.

According to Felix Lupindula, Zambeef Head Retail and Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager, farmers are vital for ensuring food security and the development of the agriculture sector in the country.

Zambeef, with its 177 retail outlets in Zambia and West Africa, has an established abattoir in Mbala that is used as a base for developing a smallholder livestock supply chain.

An estimated 500 farmers will participate and benefit from the cattle supply, once operational.


Part of the cattle that received their first wash at Kawimbe camp spray race. Photo: Pamela Hamasaka

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