bag of soya

Farmers’ questions: How much for a bag of soya?

“What price is a 50kg bag of soya beans now?”, asks Max from Kalushi in Central Province.

According to the weekly report on the Zambian National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) site prices for soya beans in Zambia range from a low of K3 000/ton to a high of K5 200/ton across the country.

The highest prices are obtained in Lusaka and in Central Provinces while soya beans fetch the lowest price in Southern province.

In Central, Max’s home ground, prices range from K3 500 to K4 600. If one takes an average price of K4 000 for a ton (1 000kg) a 50kg bag should sell for K200.

A year back in May 2016 Cargill purchased soya for K5 000/t and the low price came in at K3 500/t.

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