Farmers’ Diaries: Neo Leburu

Neo Leburu, Ganyesa, North West

Most of my ewes are pregnant and some have already started lambing. We have given the goats Multivax-P Plus, which helps control, among others, lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, tetanus, blackleg and black disease. We inject adult ewes with 2ml six weeks before they lamb.

This way the kids are protected through maternal colostrum, which they take in for the first few days after birth. Because the goats graze on communal grazing, we keep the pregnant ewes in kraals during the last four weeks of pregnancy and feed them ewe pellets from TAU Mills.

The ration is about 300g per ewe per day to promote good growth in unborn kids and boost milk production. We increase the ration to 500g and let the ewes out to graze after kidding. We start the kids on creep feed, also from TAU Mills, at about 10 days after birth. We also give the young kids First Guard Super Booster Liquid, a tonic for optimal early performance in young animals.

It contains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids, with added nucleotides to boost growth and immunity, improve gut health and stimulate weight gain. The rest of the flock is fed winter (protein) licks.

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