Farmers’ Diaries: Abel Naphtaly

The country has enjoyed great summer rains after almost a decade of dry summers. But while it is a blessing, much rain also presents farmers with unique challenges. African Farming went to find out what our farmers are currently busy with.

GOATS – Abel Naphtaly, Molopo Eye, Mahikeng, North West

In February we dose and vaccinate against prevalent diseases. We use Prodose Orange to dose for internal parasites. The goats alternate between phosphate and energy licks. We use a molasses-based energy supplement that consists of one bag of salt, one bag of phosphate and one bag of molasses.

We’re currently preparing for the mating season, which starts in March. Most of the ewes have weaned their kids by the end of January. Now we must get them back to the correct body condition score so that they can breed by March.

To prepare the rams for breeding next month, we inject them with Multimin for the necessary trace minerals that improve semen quality and quantity. These preparations start at least two months before mating begins. Since we have vaccinated, we must wait at least six to eight weeks before the start of breeding.

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