Farmers’ Diaries: Matome Mokgobu


Matome Mokgobu, Gemarke Village, Limpopo

I have just transplanted the mustard seedlings that I grow myself on the farm. I started preparing the seedlings during the first week of June and they were ready in five weeks.

Depending on how cold it is, my seedlings are ready by the fifth or sixth week. Only in extremely cold conditions will they take longer to germinate and therefore be ready beyond the normal time. I use compost that I also prepare myself on the farm for both seedlings and after transplanting.

Because we don’t get frost on this side, the mustard will be ready in a month’s time. I’ll only start transplanting the spinach seedlings from 15 July, which will take about a month or two before I start harvesting.

I supply both the mustard and spinach to the Boxer Supermarket and Spar in Bochum. Some of it is also sold informally here in the village.

I have also just started offering informal training to various people who have approached me to help them start farming. I have various clients, not only here in Limpopo but in other provinces too.

While the ones closer come to do the training on the farm, I have sessions that I host virtually using platforms such as Zoom. We train the farmers in compost making, seedlings, as well as general vegetable production, including developing an irrigation system.

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