Farming Cheats: Take care in droughts

Farming is a unique business because of the huge role weather plays – something farmers have no control over.

When the weather turns against you, especially droughts, it is important to maintain your morale and not become despondent.

Think of Northern Cape farmers who haven’t seen proper rain in six or seven years. You have to work to keep your spirits up.

One of the things many successful farmers do, is to tackle projects during a drought that they don’t have time for under normal circumstances. Like working on your dams.

Droughts are the perfect time because you can’t work on them when they are full of water. When it’s dry it’s the perfect time to make the dam deeper, waterproof it, or work on other water rehabilitation projects like building weirs.

By keeping busy and proactively making changes to your farming that will make the next drought easier, you’ll stay positive and keep your morale up.

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