How to become and remain a sustainable farmer

In this week’s episode of African Farming (Honey, channel 173, Tuesdays at 17:00) the experts from AFGRI’s Lemang talk about why they do what they do.

New-era farmer development is important for sustainable transformation in the agricultural sector. AFGRI is committed to this development and Praveen Dwarika gives some insights into the company’s approach.

AFGRI views transformation as critical and with this in mind the New-Era Farmer Development Programme was launched in 2012. The aim of this programme is to help the sector achieve transformation successfully.

“AFGRI took the proactive approach of getting involved early on to assist farmers on the journey to commercialisation. This will help them farm sustainably for generations to come,” Dwarika says.

Achieving the goal

In order to get this division of the ground, AFGRI plugged in various initiatives along the way. 

“One always thinks about a lack of finance as a key stumbling block, but what we have identified is a skill shortage in the sector. So, we have training initiatives that make sure that farmers not only get the technical training they require but also business and financial management skills. 

“We ensure mentors and agronomists work with these farmers daily to ensure that their farming practices are of such a nature that they can produce best-quality crops. This will also help them remain relevant in a changing market which is quite important for us because we know there is a continuous focus on food safety issues.”

AFGRI’s involvement

AFGRI’s been around for 100 years and is considered as part of the fabric of agriculture in South Africa. 

“That is why we want to be part of the transformation process. We want new-era entrants into the sector to get the best possible service, support, mentorship, and guidance. This way we can play an active role in food security, in South Africa, the rest of the continent and by extension the world. 

“Therefor it’s important for AFGRI to be your partner in agri-business. We want to ensure that farmers feel that they are supported by a partner such as AFGRI.”

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