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The new Wing-Max planter is a real investment. Farmers' progress serves as the major driving force for product development at Monosem South Africa.

The new Wing-Max planter is a real investment. Farmers’ progress serves as the major driving force for product development at Monosem South Africa.

This company has lived up to its legendary reputation for accurate planters with its new range of large-frame planters that give farmers the ability to finish the planting season comfortably and quickly. The Monosem range already has the largest variety on the local market and the Wing-Max is the latest addition. It is designed to ensure higher productivity, whilst still being strong, robust and simple. 

Frame construction

The Wing-Max has a double-frame construction, which consists of two sturdy 7″ (17,78 cm) beams. The rear beam is for the Monosem row unit while the front beam is only for the fertiliser device. There is thus enough space to put fertiliser into the ground with a large 20″ (50,8 cm) coulter or with a coulter and tine combination. The frame construction consists of three segments to fold up and for flotation over contours during planting. The two beams with their fertiliser devices and drive units are mounted in front of the fertiliser tank, close to the tractor. The planting process can therefore be monitored from the tractor and planting can be done almost to the end of the field. 

Granular fertiliser system

The Wing-Max has been developed to apply granular fertiliser in a reliable manner and with high precision. As on all Monosem planters, the Wing-Max uses Fertisystem metering devices, which are designed to accurately meter out even large quantities of lower-quality granular fertiliser. Fertiliser is measured individually row by row and blown to the row with a Venturi system to ensure that each row on the planter receives an even fertiliser application. The fertiliser tank’s capacity is 5 000 litres. It is carried on two 480-80R50 tires. These giant tires simplify handling in loose soil and their large contact area prevents unnecessary soil compaction. 

Drive system

Monosem’s vacuum seed measuring unit has been one of the most accurate in the world and a pioneer in the industry for decades. Lately, the market is buzzing about precision systems on planters and Monosem South Africa offers several options to meet this demand. However, due to the inevitable risk of electronics on farm implements that are pulled through the soil breaking easily, the Monosem Wing-Max is also available with a fully mechanical drive system. The Wing-Max planter is therefore certainly an investment that eventually pays for itself. The range includes 8 to 16-row models on the standard row widths of 76,2 cm and 91,4 cm, with non-standard row widths on special request. Any Wing-Max planter can be ordered for no-till or conventional tillage and the same planter can be converted if farming practices change. Visit Monosem SA’s stand to find out more about this tool. 

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