Pellenc is there for olive, fruit and nut farmers

Some of Pellenc’s exciting new equipment, such as the Tow & Blow wind machine and the Trunk Shaker, which simplify the life of its customers, can be seen at Nampo this year.

Pellenc’s presence worldwide extends from olive groves in Spain and Italy to vineyards in South Africa, Chile, California and Australia. Thanks to a policy of continuous innovation, Pellenc works to understand and pay attention to customer needs for modern equipment. 

Pellenc South Africa’s office in Paarl opened in 2014. In 2023, it opened an office in Mbombela to serve its growing market in that part of Mpumalanga.

Buggy 5000 S harvester

Pellenc has put its expertise in intensive fruit farming into the Buggy 5000 S.

This harvester ensures high yields and precise work to protect trees. It harvests up to 99% of the olive tree’s fruit, depending on the cultivar, pruning method and maturity. The pre-set shaking programs maximise the fruit shaken loose without damaging the trees.

The harvester has a very low centre of gravity for moving around on frontal slopes (up to 60%) and lateral tilts (up to 45%). It has three speeds (snail, tortoise, hare) for different soil conditions, such as rocks, grass, mud and steep slopes.

It harvests up to 1 200 trees per day and is equally suitable for young plantations and 100-year-old trees. In addition to olives, the Buggy 5000 S can harvest cherries, almonds, walnuts, oranges, plums and other stone fruits.

Tow & Blow wind machine

The Tow & Blow wind machine is the first truly mobile wind machine, developed by experts in New Zealand and now available at Pellenc South Africa. The Tow & Blow harnesses new technology to solve the inefficiency and problems associated with traditional wind machines for various applications. One of them is frost protection in soil crops, such as blueberries, tree crops and vineyards.

The distinctive design of the fan and casing makes this product more area-concentrated and provides protection for all crops growing on flat ground or hillsides.

The machine, which can easily be towed behind a vehicle, can be moved quickly.

C35 and C45 pruning shears

Pellenc has manufactured pruning shears since 1976 and has two new models: the C35 and the C45. These pruning shears weigh less but deliver more power with new cutting heads and cutting capacities of 35 mm and 45 mm, respectively. These models are suitable for vine, fruit, nut and olive farmers and green space maintenance professionals.

One of the outstanding features is the Activ’Security safety mechanism that stops the blade instantly if it encounters the user’s hand. With the ULiB 150 or 150P batteries, the C35 and C45 pruning shears can keep going for at least one full day of work.

Visit Pellenc at Nampo and win!

Visitors to Pellenc’s stand (B3 d) at the Nampo harvest day to stand a chance of winning a complete Prunion set with a ULiB battery. To qualify, meet the Pellenc team and fill out a ticket with your information. The winner will be announced on all social media platforms on the last day of Nampo.

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