Seed and herbicide spreading made easy

If you own a vehicle with a 12-volt power source, whether it is a quad bike, bakkie or tractor, Terrapro has a cost-effective and multi-purpose seed and herbicide applicator for you.

Are you looking for a machine designed for specialist application of small seeds, such as canola, grass and lucerne, that can also spread granular products like slug pellets, rodent bait, fertilisers, and herbicides? Then look no further than the Fan Jet range of applicators, manufactured by Stocks AG in the UK and distributed in South Africa by Terrapro.

The Fan Jet range is cost-effective and versatile. Products are either gravity-fed or metered onto a spinning disc for broadcast application. The spinning disc is driven by a 12-volt electric motor as standard. A choice of hopper size, spread width and mounting options is also available across all models.

All Fan Jet applicators offer manual headland control functionality, which can change the bias to limit the flow and spread of the product. This is particularly important when working with chemical products, as it ensures that water courses or margins are not contaminated.

Choose between the entry level gravity-fed applicator, which allows you to feed product onto a spinning disc for a fixed-rate broadcast application, or the more advanced rotary feed, which precisely meters product onto the spinning disc. When metering seed or granules onto the disc, accurate variable rates of application can be set and adjusted while on the move.

The following applicators are available:

  • Fan Jet Pro Gravity feed – up to 24m
  • Fan Jet Mini Rotary feed – up to 12m
  • Fan Jet Pro Plus Rotary feed – up to 24m
  • Fan Jet Duo Rotary feed – up to 36m

The Fan Jet Pro

The Fan Jet Pro is the original and still the most popular model in the Fan Jet range. The Pro models are classic slug pelleters for use with all-terrain vehicles such as quad bikes, bakkies, tractors and self-propelled sprayers – in fact, any vehicle with a 12-volt power source.

However, these models are equally suited to broadcasting seeds and other granular products. As mentioned, the Fan Jet Pro spreads up to 24m (product dependent). It is also simple to set up and use, thanks to an adjustable disc speed. A variety of options enhance the performance of this versatile machine.

The Fan Jet Pro Plus

Terrapro also distributes the Fan Jet Pro Plus range, which takes things up to another level. The Pro Plus range has all the features of the standard Pro in terms of spreading performance, headland control and options, although variable disc speed is standard. The difference is that the Pro Plus models use a rotary feed mechanism instead of a gravity feed onto the spinning disc.

As with the Pro machines, the Pro Plus models can be mounted on most 12-volt agricultural machines, with the exception of a quad bike (due to its weight and power requirements).

Fluted feed rollers are driven by an electric motor, and the choice of feed roller and speed of rotation determines the application rate. The standard control unit allows rates to be changed manually on the move, or you could use the optional i-CON GPS-based control, which automatically adjusts rates in proportion to forward speed for ultimate accuracy. Variable rates can also be applied according to mapping data.

A rotary feed enables very low application rates without risk of blockages.

About Terrapro

Terrapro imports and distributes a variety of unique mechanisation equipment not readily available in South Africa. These hand-picked products include equipment used in the agricultural, horticultural and amenities sectors all over the world. Terrapro is owned and managed by Lukas Rautenbach, a well-known figure in agriculture who has years of experience in the mechanisation trade.

For more information, call Lukas Rautenbach on 082 88 11133, e-mail or visit

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