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Why it’s important for farmers to work together

No man is an island, and any farmer trying to make a success of his business entirely on his own, is bound to fail. Nico Groenewald from Standard Bank gives some insight into the importance of partnerships during the fourth episode African Farming’s new season, aired on Honey, channel 173, Tuesdays at 17:00.

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Understanding marketing is a must for farmers

Supply used to drive demand, but that has been flipped on its head, with consumer demand dictating what farmers should produce and when. It means that a farmer’s research and marketing must start long before he even begins to plant. 

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Use technology to your advantage

During the first episode of the new season of African Farming, we get to know Hlobisile Yende, a young farmer from Heidelberg in Gauteng, who farms with cattle, maize, soya, and butternut. During this episode, Stehan Cloete, AFGRI’s precision technology manager took some time to tell viewers more about how to incorporate technology into your farming practices. 

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