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Make calculated decisions to combat soil compaction 

Managing soil compaction has never been better than with Piket Implements’ soil density device. The Piket™ Soil Penetrometer provides you with information on the level of compaction of your soil by attaching a number to the density thereof. It can also measure the downward pressure in your soil.  

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These steel structures serve for many years  

For VIP Steel Construction, farmers’ progress is very important. Therefore, it offers the best solutions that meet the needs of farms. South African farmers are known for being proud of their farming and for most of them it is not only about what they produce but also how professionally their business is displayed and operated. 

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Turnkey solutions for future farmers

Agricultural services company FarmSol Holdings is keenly focused on supporting the needs of black farmers. The FarmSol model aims to incubate emerging farmers into thriving businesses, by linking them to the key pillars of growth: access to markets, finance, training and mentorship. Peter Mashala spoke to FarmSol managing director Aron Kole about their track record in sustainable development.

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Tiger Brands’ big appetite for growing smallholder farmers

Tiger Brands, the country’s largest food manufacturer, is committed to supporting South Africa’s black farmer suppliers through its enterprise and supplier development programme. A key aspect of this is the aggregator model, which builds both smallholder and commercial farmers. Peter Mashala caught up with Litha Kutta, Tiger Brands’ enterprise and supplier development director, to learn more about this initiative.

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African Farming thanks Lazarus Ford!

We service our African Farming vehicles from Ford at Lazarus Ford in Centurion. Workshop Floor Manager, Jason Ward talks us through the kind of TLC our vehicles received in their popular and convenient express bay.

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