Festive season sparks brisk business for Zambian poultry farmers

Players in the Zambian poultry industry say chicken sales have risen by as much as 20% this festive season.

The Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) says the rise in sales was due to competitive consumer prices arising from a drop in stock feed prices.

“During the festive season we usually record brisk business, and this season is even better because prices are reasonably fair following the drop of stock feed as a result of the bumper harvest,” said Anthony Zimba, a poultry farmer of Chongwe in Lusaka Province.

Zimba said the sales were expected to rise further in the coming weeks leading to Christmas as people got their salaries and bonuses.

For many households, chicken is expected as part of the meal during the festive season, hence the local saying “Christmas time is chicken time”.

The festive season has a brought some spark for the restaurant business, with customers flocking to eat out in large numbers and helping to lift the chicken sales.

“The demand by restaurateurs has also helped to increase the sales of our chickens,” said Edna Mambwe, of Lusaka’s 10 miles.

A survey at Lusaka’s Soweto market, the nation’s largest outlet for fresh produce, showed that consumer prices were ranged from K35 to K40 for a full live bird.

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