Finding a tractor that works for you

Tshilidzi Matshidzula is still young, but he has already made a lasting impact on the dairy industry. Angie Khumalo, presenter of the agricultural television show African Farming on Mzansi Wethu (channel 163) met with Matshidzula on his farm in Alexandria, Eastern Cape, to find out his secret to success.

Matshidzula is a commercial dairy farmer with a herd of 1 161 cows.  

“He is the first black farmer to receive the Eastern Cape Young Farmer of the Year Award,” Khumalo said, “and his passion for farming inspires many.” 

During the studio interview with Jean Elloh, John Deere Sales Manager: Western Africa, Khumalo asked if there is a tractor on the market he would advise Matshidzula to invest in. 

Elloh said he would definitely recommend the John Deere 5075E tractor with 75 horsepower. 

“We receive a lot of good feedback on this tractor, because it is versatile and can be used for various purposes in the farm.” 

This four-wheel drive tractor has smart brakes, 9F/3R or 12F/12R PowerReverser transmission, HVAC cab or an open operator’s station and many more attractive features. 

One of the features is a tiltable steering wheel, available on the premium version 5E models. The tiltable steering column provides multiple positions to adjust the steering wheel. The operator can choose the most comfortable driving position, thus reducing fatigue and aiding in easy entrance and exit.

It also has oil-immersed disk brakes. Operators can expect sure stops when the unexpected happens in the field, on the road, or at home with the hydraulic wet-disk brakes. The brake pedals can be locked together for braking action on both rear wheels when in transport, or they can be unlocked to make tighter turns in the field. The brakes are oil cooled for maximum performance throughout the life of the tractor.

The 5E engines are designed with high torque reserve of around 20-25%. Backup torque is the ability of the machine to keep working as the engine pulls down due to increased load requirements over and above the maximum power. This backup torque prevents temporary overload, and frequent gear shifting during haulage and tillage applications.

What’s more is that the 5E series tractor has a straddle-mount operator station that is designed to position the operator further forward and slightly lower than most other tractors in this class. This design improves the operator’s ride and visibility.

Platform-mounted shift levers and suspended clutch and brake pedals contribute to a clean platform design. Suspended pedals also make it easier for the operator to get on and off the tractor and make clutch operation easier when the tractor is used in applications requiring the pedals to be used frequently, such as loader work.

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