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Floods damage crops in Southern Province as rain continue pounding

Floods hit Kazungula district in Southern Province, damaging crops and bridges as heavy rain continue to wreak havoc. In the Nyawa chiefdom more than 50 000 people, mostly farmers, were cut off from the rest of the district after the bridge connecting them to the main town was damaged.

“We were the most severely affected by the floods, as most of the rain water ends up in our district on the banks of the Zambezi River. Most crops are damaged and the extent of the damage can only be assessed after the floods recede,” said Pascalina Musokotwane, district commissioner.

“We appealed to the Food Reserve Agency to provide maize to affected families at a cheaper price,” said Musokotwane.

The Zambia Meteorological Department said significant amounts of rain continued to fall in many parts of the country. “The water requirement satisfaction index is very good for the full development of the maize crop that has reached maturity stage,” read the latest update released by the department.


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