private buyers

Food reserve agency looking for maize to fill their stocks.

Anyone with maize stocks is invited to sell their stock to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) after they fell short of buying their target of 500 000 tons during the past marketing season.

The agency invites all local suppliers like grain traders and commercial farmers, to make an offer to them so that they can fill up their reserves. According to their notice, the Agency is specifically looking for white, Non-GMO, A-grade maize.

The procurement coordinator, Kelvin Mukosayi, said the agency is mandated to purchase maize for the food reserve of the country, and was not able to meet their target for the marketing season between 1 June and 31 October of this year. They still need to buy 220 000 tons, since they were only able to buy over half of the amount for the target they set up.

Mukosayi said that interested sellers need to make an offer to the agency, and must be able to deliver an amount of 5 000 tons (100 000 x 50kg bags). He also specified that the maize up for sale must meet the specifications and standards set out by the agency.

The deadline for the offers is very soon: it must be handed in to the FRA before 14:30 on Monday, 7 November at their office in Lusaka.

Small Scale farmers

Mukosayi adds that small scale farmers should note that their separate crop marketing program for 2016 will continue as usual and they must continue to deliver their maize to the FRA depots countrywide

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