FRA to sell maize and rice on domestic market

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) announced yesterday that it planned to sell maize and paddy rice, in the coming marketing season, to local markets.

“The Agency intends to sell these commodities on the local market between November 2016 and October 2017, through allocations to various purchase categories, and may use different procedures in different areas,” said Martha Nalubamba, secretary of the FRA, yesterday.

These commodities will be sold out of the national strategic food reserve, according to provisions of Section 8(2) of the Food Reserve Act, and sales will start immediately.

In her statement, Nalumbaba said maize and paddy rice would be sold ex depot or free-on-board (buyer at risk from the selling point onward) basis.

It is not quite clear how the public will be able to buy the products; FRA management plans to announce the mechanisms of sale through the media.

Nalubamba said sales were put in place to create space for proper handling, stock rotation, and the distribution and positioning of the two commodities in the country.

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