t’s one of the most prestigious awards in farming, won by some of the best cattle farmers this country has ever seen, and in 2016 history was made when Klein Gasekoma from Reivilo in the North West province became the first black farmer to win the coveted award of commercial cattle farmer of the year.
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Episode seven

When Kleinjan eventually did get the chance to go farming, he jumped at it, even if it was with 25 other beneficiaries on a state farm. When that didn’t work out too well, he simply refused to give up, knocking on every door he could find. After many struggles and disappointments, he eventually did manage to secure a state farm, and when he met his mentor and now close friend, Afrikaner farmer Cois Harman, his path to success was guaranteed. Today Kleinjan is deeply grateful to be able to manage his Braunvieh stud with his eldest son Clement, ensuring that the next generation is ready to take over this fairytale of farming excellence. 

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