Theo van Rooyen

Growing up in Williston in the Northern Cape, all Theo van Rooyen wanted to be when he grew up was a sheep farmer. Then his father got a job on a fruit farm in the Koue Bokkeveld close to Ceres in the Western Cape, and his life changed forever. The spectacular beauty of the fruit farms of the famed Witzenberg valley struck a deep cord with young Theo, but he also knew that the politics of the time prevented him from ever owning one of these farms. So instead, he started manufacturing and supplying farmers with wooden bins with which to harvest fruit. It was a good move. With his ear to the ground, Theo finally heard of a farm for sale.
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Episode Ten

Instead she took a job as a domestic worker after matric and thought that was how her life would be. But fate had other plans, and when a former teacher let her know about a scholarship to study winemaking, she jumped at the chance. Upon arriving at Stellenbosch, she remembers marveling at the huge mountains, and the many tiny trees she would later discover were actually vineyards!

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