South Africans love the Brazilians’ soccer brilliance. And, as it turns out, we love their farming, too! When Cocky Mokoka read about how Brazilian farmers had transformed their businesses by no longer ploughing or working their soil, he knew what he had to do.
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Episode THREE

Known as the Shepherd of the land, Cocky started with the conservative farming in 2015 farming with maize, sunflower, and soybean on his 1000-hectare farm Seekoeifontein 376, just outside Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng. 

He has integrated livestock into his whole farming system and supplies grass-fed beef cattle which he says fetches a premium in the beef market.

Cocky believes that with conservation agriculture, SA could accelerate progress in improving livelihoods, enhancing food security, and improving water quality. He says through conservation agriculture, farmers will be able to restore the health of their soil and increase yields and profitability.

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