Good relationships lead to new ideas

Aviwe Gxotiwe, an award-winning farmer in the Eastern Cape, has a go-getter attitude. He believes in pushing himself to new heights – mediocre is not an option. Lindiwe Sithole, host of African Farming Season 2, gets to experience his infectious passion for business first-hand as she talks to him about his big dreams for the farm Soutvlei. 

Gxotiwe strongly believes in creating jobs and helping his employees to reach their full potential by investing in various training and skill-enhancing programmes.

Experience has shown him that most farmers have a wealth of information ready to be shared with those who need it. These farmers simply need a platform and resources to enable them to share what they know.

Lizemari de Klerk, a marketer from Vleissentraal, says building good relationships with various experts and sharing knowledge play a critical role in growing a farming business. “At an auction, farmers get the opportunity to do just that.” 

According to her, the selection of good genetic livestock is the foundation on which a farmer delivers better-quality products. “At an auction a farmer can talk to an array of experts who will share knowledge of the animals presented during the auction.”

She says this will enable a farmer to make a better choice regarding the selection of good genetic material to breed better animals. She believes the best way to enhance the genetic make-up of a herd or flock is the process of selecting the best possible animals. “The better the product a farmer delivers to the market, the more opportunities the farmer has to make more profit. 

De Klerk says auctions are an easily accessible platform that a farmer can use to explore all the available selection options. “Begin by identifying the shortcomings of your herd or flock, and then try to select animals that will improve your animals.”

She says most farmers who visit auctions are open-minded and love to share information on what works for them. This makes an auction the ideal opportunity for emerging farmers to build a network with livestock industry leaders who can help them grow their business. 

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